Multiplicities analyses and translates microtrends for the benefit of cultural policies, civil society, urban planning and business promotion. We supports administrative and political entities, cluster managers and creative enterprises in defining and implementing their strategic processes. We see ourselves as intermediaries and cultural translators.

Wiederbelebung der Innenstädte? Ein digitaler Hackathon erarbeitet Lösungen

Multiplicities designt und moderiert in 2020-21 einen “digitalen Hackathon“ für das EU-Interreg-Projekt „CINEMA“. Die Ergebnisse des Hackathons für die Wiederbelebung der Innenstädte werden im öffentlichen Raum ausgestellt und laden die StadtbewohnerInnen ein, diese wiederum zu ergänzen, zu kommentieren und als Stadtgemeinschaft weiter zu verhandeln.

Client: Hochschule der Medien / Wirtschaftsregion Stuttgart

Location development Stadtgut Hellersdorf

With Belius GmbH and Studio Malta, we support Gesobau's location development in the Hellersdorf city district (Hellersdorf-Marzahn district). We carry out a plausibility check of the management, user and operator concept.

Client: Gesobau AG

Feasibility study for a Start-up Hub in Potsdam

Multiplicities, together with Belius GmbH, Studio Malta and architect Nele Zareh, is working on a feasibility study for a planned Start-up Hub in the media city of Babelsberg/Potsdam. It contains an analysis of the potential of "founders" in ICT, media and creative industries.

Client: Zentrum für Film- und Fernsehproduzenten GmbH (ZFF)

Management of flexible spaces on the Gaswerk in Augsburg

Multiplicities manages the strategy development for new flexible spaces on the Gaswerk in Augsburg (Germany). Gasworks Labs integrate users and neighbors and thus ensure gradual acceptance and participation. From 2021, flexible rooms are to be built and made available for use.

Client: Stadtwerke Augsburg (swa)

The geography of New Working Spaces and the impact on the periphery

The geography of New Working Spaces and the impact on the periphery. The aim of the COST Action is to share the first outcomes of some funded international research projects on the phenomenon of new workplaces.

Client: EU COST