What can we learn from commons-run galleries, libraries, archives and museums?


Horizon 2020 (Project partner Inpolis Urbanism GmbH)

Project period

October 2022 — December 2025


Cultural analysis for the common good

Working method

Interviews, case studies, institutional biography


Technical papers, policy papers

Our expertise

Urban and cultural analysis


Inpolis Urbanism GmbH


Creative Commons

GLAMMONS EU Horizon 2020 Project

The GLAMMONS project aims to provide answers to the post-pandemic challenges of galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMS). From the perspective of commons theory, answers are given to pandemic-related transformations and digitisation in the field of GLAMs, as well as their management, funding and participation.

We want to better understand how, for example, queer cultures in Berlin perceive memories for the formation of “their” communities. We are interested in shedding light on the practices in which and how queer communities are constituted. Since politicised movements initiated the foundation of the institution “Schwules Museum” in the early 1980s, pluralising identity politics have configured different kinds of places and spaces to articulate common positions of queer cultures.

The core question is therefore how the experiential knowledge of community-led GLAMs can be transferred to more “established” and traditional cultural institutions in order to make them more sustainable.

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