Team, Supporters and Network Partners

We solve complex tasks and analyze new developments in economic and urban development in interdisciplinary teams. Many years of European cooperation in science, research institutions and ministries strengthen our performance.

Bastian Lange

Bastian Lange, Dr. phil., private docent at the University of Leipzig. He spearheads Multiplicities-Berlin. We support politics, corporate companies and creative scenes in Europe toward sustainable futures. He taught as visiting professor (2011-2012) at Humboldt University Berlin (2011-2012) and University of Vechta (2018-2019).

Mai Anh Ha

Mai Anh Ha studied Geography at FU Berlin and UvA, Amsterdam. Her primary research interests are topics on critical urbanism. She is interested in participatory processes and informal appropriation of space. Mai Anh Ha supports the EU-funded project "Urban Manufacturing".

Meret Batke

Meret Batke is studying Geography at the HU Berlin (BA). During her studies, she deals mainly with different uses of space and bottom-up processes. Meret works in the project "Flussbad" and takes on tasks of networking and communication work.

Steve Harding

Dr. Steve Harding is an expert on transnational EU projects with a focus on creative cities and economic development. He led the Interreg project Cross Innovation (2014-2018). Since 2018, he has led the EU Interreg project Urban M and develops policy approaches for the promotion of Makerspaces in Europe. He is co-editor of the Blog Scriptum Multiplicities.

Susy Silva

Strategy & Project Manager for Lisbon's cultural and creative cluster. She has been in the Lisbon City Council since 2008, focusing on supportive ecosystems, network development and innovation sourcing. She is co-editor of the Blog Scriptum Multiplicities.
Photo: Xenia Hofmann

Xenia Hofmann

Xenia Hofmann is studying urban geography as a master program at the Humboldt University of Berlin. In her bachelor's degree, she also studied geography at the Humboldt University of Berlin. At Multiplicities, Xenia focusses on urban development and spatial planning.

Valentin Domann

Valentin Domann has studied urban geography and regional studies in Berlin (Humboldt-University) and Irvine (University of California). His research focusses on semiotics in public space, spatial re-configurations, urban modes of in- and exclusion and new modes of working. Valentin Domann works in the BMBF-funded project Cowerk.

Hanna Buntz

Hanna Buntz studies Urban Geographies (M.A.) at the HU Berlin, she finished her bachelor degrees in urban planning, economies and romance studies in Kassel and Lille. She gained working experiences in international relations on Madagaskar. Hanna Buntz works in the BMUB-Project „Zukunft? Jugend fragen! Eine umwelt- und stadtpolitische Agenda der Zukunft“.

Malte Bergmann

Malte Bergmann obtains a diploma in sociology and is specializing in urban studies. His research is devoted to the question of how "communities" form in today's complex urban societies. Malte deals with issues of co-development of bottom-up processes.


Belius specializes in content, value and community-driven space strategies in urban and rural areas (A. Krüger, Berlin)
Birmingham City University, Institute for Creative Innovation (Dr. Steve Harding)
The Clubcommission Berlin e.V. is the network for club culture
Innovation lab and think tank, initiated by Egelhof, Gebhardt, Hentschel, Inpolis Urbanism and Lange
The Creative Footprint is a non-profit initiative that measures and indexes live music space
Fraunhofer UMSICHT develops applied and industrial process engineering (J. Bertling)
University of Applied Sciences Berlin (Prof. Dr. V. Wohlgemuth)
German Society for design theory and design research. Non-profit association and network of designers in Germany
The Dortmund-based European Center for Creative Economy, promoting creative industries in the Ruhr region
City development project on revitalising the abandoned river channel in the historical heart of Berlin Mitte
Research organisation of the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen, Bocholt, Recklinghausen
Office for city and regional development, based in Berlin (Prof. Dr. A. Kalandides)
Scientific institute on practice-oriented sustainability research (U. Petschow/M.Gossen/G. Scholl)
Berlin-based festival which brings together architecture, culture and design on city planning
Berlin based platform on urban planning, new media art and IT (Susa Pop)
Independent research network and think tank (Prof. Dr. F.X. Vaujany, Dauphine Université, Paris).
Berlin based company, connecting fashion brands with garment manufacturers, service providers and fabric mills
Platform for digital culture, collaborative economy & new modes of working, Berlin (Ela Kagel)
Centre and service agency of Mannheim’s start-up ecosystem
Joint project about urban infrastructure and a city with mix-use functions, BMBF-funded (Dr. S. Gärtner, IAT)
Research and design consultancy combining culture, city and lifestyle, based in Offenbach
Office for spatial development and transformation processes in Berlin (Prof. K. Overmeyer / Dr. C. Polinna)
Knowledge-based development strategies and integrated approaches for cities and regions (Prof. Dr. W. van Winden)
Independent think tank and design agency, Berlin (Holm Friebe)