Office for Spatial Development and Urban Planning

Multiplicities are experts for participatory driven urban and spatial development. Our research and consulting offers orientation to public institutions and creative companies. As a European network, Multiplicities is based in Berlin.

We work out expert studies and provide strategy advice. We develop and co-design solutions for public authorities and the political sphere as well as for managers of research clusters and creative businesses.

By applying innovative co-creative forms of participation as well as event and workshop formats, we strive towards greater precision in spatial structural change processes in favour of a sustainable society.


Selected Projects

Post-pandemic Spaces – Scope, needs and recovery potentials in our cities

For FORBA GmbH in Vienna, we point out post-pandemic spatial needs. We show which spaces will be relevant in cities in the future and how they can be conceived.

Client: Forba GmbH Vienna

Photo: Adobe Stock

Design sprint with international scholars and practitioners at Villa Vigoni (Italy)

Can we re-build and reinvent our inner cities post-covid-19? Is it enough to refill empty shops with new shops? What type of mixed use, common or open spaces are needed to make our cities attractive for many social groups? What spaces are needed to support innovation and creativity in our cities?

Client: Villa Vigoni

Communication compass for the Alte Münze (Berlin)

The Alte Münze in the center of the capital Berlin is to become a socio-cultural place in the sense of a public welfare-oriented urban development. A strategic communication concept "Communication Compass" is being developed for Kulturraum Berlin GmbH and all project participants.

Client: Kulturraum GmbH

Post-Corona City – Reorientation of Inner City Development in Kiel

For the Kiel Economic Development Agency, we are developing spatial profiles for the post-pandemic "reprogramming" of Kiel's inner city.

Client: Kiel-Marketing

Study report on “New Startup spaces in Stuttgart”

What types of startup centers and incubators does Stuttgart need? We analyze potentials of start-ups strategies and measures with which new technology and start-up centers can be established for Stuttgart. We accompany Stuttgart on their path of spatial and economic transformations.

Client: Office for Urban Planning and Housing, Stuttgart

Revitalisation of inner-city spaces? A digital Hackathon provides solutions

Multiplicities is designing and moderating a "digital hackathon" for the EU Interreg project "CINEMA" in 2020-21. The results will be exhibited in public space and invite the city's residents to in turn add to them, comment on them and negotiate them further as a city community.

Client: Hochschule der Medien / Wirtschaftsregion Stuttgart