Together with our network partners and in collaboration with other stakeholders, we organise temporary platforms and inspiring outings to enable you to develop new strategies, methods and plans to address issues that matter to you. In interdisciplinary workshops, innovation labs and through dialogue methods, we research resources, ascertain demand and facilitate networking processes.


  • Digitale Labs und digitale Netzwerktreffen
  • Ideation workshops, Design Thinking, Creativity trainings
  • Organizing access to knowledge networks, creative scenes, and building-up social networks
  • 1:1-coachings
  • Strategic realization of knowledge transfer
  • Innovation processes in entreprises, regions, and organisations

For whom

  • Founders, start-ups, social enterprises, and entrepreneurial changes
  • Young Professionals, Freelancers
  • Regional planers, real estate managers, international transfer experts


  • Lange, Bastian / Harding, Steve / Cahill-Jones, Tom (2020): Collaboration at New Places of Production: a European View on Procedural Policy Making for Makerspaces. In: European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscapes 2, Vol. 2: S. 67-85.
  • Lange, Bastian (2017): Transitional Geographies—Co−presence in Open Labs. In: Manach/Pop (eds.): Creativity in Urban Context. An Action Research Project by Future DiverCities, funded by Creative Europe Programme EU, Brussels. Download
  • Lange, Bastian (2018): Kreative Interventionen. Innovationswerkstätten als beispielhafte Impulsgeber für Kollaboration in der Peripherie. In: Katja Wolter, Daniel Schiller, Corinna Hesse (Hrsg.): Kreative Pioniere: Innovative Ansätze (auch) für den ländlichen Raum? (in Press) Visit Website

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