Based on observations of current trends in the arts and culture, sciences and economics, technology and design, we offer stimuli and presentations that give an accentuated view of the city of tomorrow. We narrow down complexities, create unexpected connections and open up a wider view on future cities.


  • We sort trends for cultural policy, civic society, urban planning and digital innovations
  • Fascinating keynotes communicate our topics

For whom

  • Cluster managements
  • Economic and regional development
  • Entreprises and start-ups
  • NGOs and intermediary institutionens
  • Universities, educational sector, knowledge institutions


  • TEDx-Keynote "MakerCity Berlin" Visit Website
  • "Makerplaces. The role of manufacturing 2.0 in post-crisis cities. Outline of a new socio-economic post-crisis model for cities and regions", Barcelona. Visit Website

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