In our capacity as experts in our field we take care of all forms of text production: from conception to copy writing to the finished manuscript. We conduct research, write and layout texts – on behalf of agencies, ministries and civil society actors. We are able to take the specialised literature and highlighting the relevant urban and societal trends behind the everyday media headlines. We are on top of the latest developments in academic discourses of our field and can put together dossiers according to specific requirements.


  • Special interest texts, dossiers, and thematic and journalistic commentaries
  • Thematic description, screening, and outlines for public administration, policy bodies, and clustermanagements
  • Thematic dossiers for the formulation of strategic processes, competition, and evaluations
  • Reviews for cluster competitions

For whom

  • Cluster managements
  • Economic and regional managements
  • Enterprises, social enterprises, and start-ups,
  • NGOs and intermediary institutions
  • Ministries and regional authorities
  • Universities and colleges


  • Lange, Bastian / Schüssler, Elke (2018); Unpacking the Middleground of Creative Cities: Spatiotemporal Dynamics in the Configuration of the Berlin Design Field. In: Regional Studies (in Press, DOI:10.1080/00343404.2017.1413239)
  • Lange, Bastian; Bürkner, Hans-Joachim (2018): Flexible value creation: Conceptual prerequisites and empirical explorations in open workshops. In: Geoforum Volume 88, January 2018, Pages 96–104 Visit Website
  • Lange, Bastian / Domann, Valentin (2017): Transitional Geographies: On Locality, Copresence, and Conflicting Fields in Open Workshops. In: Hilke Marit Berger / Gesa Ziemer (Hrsg.), New Stakeholder of Urban Change: A Question of Culture and Attitude? Berlin, Jovis. S. 23-35 Visit Website
  • Lange, Bastian (2017): Akustisches Kapital – Zugriff auf neue Wertschöpfungsprozesse in der Musikwirtschaft Download

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