What strategies does an international creative industry need?


Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IfA)

Project period

January 2014 — December 2014


Policy Paper

Working method

Thematic Mapping, Interviews, Round Tables


Mapping, Policy Report

Our expertise

Industry analysis, Global Mapping


Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IfA)



Internationalisierung der Kreativwirtschaft
Florian Büttner
Internationalisierung der Kreativwirtschaft

Multiplicities presents road maps for the internationalisation of the German creative industries abroad.

The results of the research project summarise for the first time in Germany a range of different approaches, funding budgets, organisational structures and objectives of internationalisation policies for the cultural and creative industries.

Based on this, the policy of the German Federal Foreign Office, Department of Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy can be supplemented and expanded. Multiplicities advises taking into account the inherent logic of the cultural and creative industries, such as the partly precarious and network-orientated business models. For many self-employed people and micro-enterprises, access to unknown international trade fairs, markets and contact events is also an entrepreneurial risk. Therefore, according to the recommendation, reliable communication and support structures are required from the public sector if internationalisation policies are to be developed with (and not just for) cultural and creative players.

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