Multiplicities presents options for the internationalisation of the creative industries to the federal government. For the first time in Germany, the results of this research project summarise a range of different approaches, financing budgets, organisational structures and objectives of internationalisation policies for the cultural and creative industries. On this basis, the policies of the Foreign Office's Foreign Culture and Education Policy department (AKBP) can be supplemented and expanded. Multiplicities recommends considering the inner logic of the cultural and creative industries, such as those in partially precarious and network-oriented business models. According to Dr Bastian Lange, access to unfamiliar international trade fairs, markets and contact opportunities is also an entrepreneurial risk for many self-employed persons and micro-enterprises. Uncertainty in business transactions, differences in customs duties and a structural lack of foresight and knowledge of foreign markets and cultures as well as often a lack of experience in international cooperation with new actors add up to serious obstacles for many players to take risks in this field. Therefore, the recommendation suggests that public authorities need reliable communication and support structures, if internationalisation policies are to be developed together with (and not only for) cultural and creative actors.

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