Is manufacturing returning to the city or is it being reinvented in our cities?

Global Review Report “Urban Manufacturing”: Multiplicities is facilitating the City of Birmingham (UK) in joint cooperation with the University of Birmingham on the application, the formulation and rolling out of “Urban Manufacturing”. The report aims at providing three key means to support policy makers in Europe: Firstly, the report explains and defines new forms of value generation and its configurative patterns as such.
Secondly, the report presents general as well as case specific empirical evidence for processes and practices of urban manufacturing, pointing to collaboratively generated ideas, prototypes, goods as well as services.
Thirdly, we conclude that by presenting policy recommendations to stabilize temporary bottom-up and collaborative initiatives and by matching various interest groups and their tools to orchestrate prototyping patterns in urban context anew.


University of Birmingham (UK), INTERREG EUROPE

Project time

2017 - 2020

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