Multiplicities organises innovation workshops in Oranienburg. New drivers of centres of growth - such as the creative hub Oranienwerk - are often not yet well-connected to regional SMEs and vice versa. Multiplicities and Inpolis Urbanism GmbH use 'open' and 'cross-' innovation processes to generate new innovations. This requires spatial connections that enable interaction between different actors. Access to procedural expertise, materials and process knowledge connected to concrete problems relevant to everyday life constitute a situation from which new ideas can arise. New coordination and cooperation mechanisms particularly emerge from so-called open source projects. This is reflected in the growing importance of co-working spaces worldwide. The InnovationsWerkstatt Oranienburg facilitates the local development of up-to-date, practical formats of cooperation and transfer. Participants from the region are able to do better networking with other sectors of the regional economy. They have the opportunity to build up their portfolios and start new partnerships with companies. Thus, the format gives greater visibility to the local creative industries.

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