Multiplicities, together with Belius GmbH, Studio Malta and architect Nele Zareh, is working on a feasibility study for a planned Start-up Hub in the media city of Babelsberg/Potsdam. It contains an analysis of the potential of "founders" in the convergence area ICT, media, creative industries as a basis for a market potential assessment for a planned Start-up Hub ("Factory") in the Media City Babelsberg. We conduct a location analysis of new working spaces for entrepreneurs, start-ups and self-employed persons in the digital, media and creative markets. We show new value creation processes in the convergence area of digital, media and creative markets as well as its effects on Potsdam.


Zentrum für Film- und Fernsehproduzenten GmbH (ZFF)

Project time

February 2020 - December 2020

Machbarkeitsstudie Kreativquartier Potsdam

At the Alte Feuerwache / Plantage, the "former Rechenzentrum", an attempt is being made to assemble art, culture, creative people, founders and trades in a location with a moderate cost structure.

Client: Pro Potsdam GmbH

Photo: Stadt Augsburg

Transformation of an industrial wasteland into a creative space

With target group workshops, a policy innovation lab and a master plan for urban development, Multiplicities initiates a user-driven redevelopment of an old industrial area at the gas plant in the inner city of Augsburg.

Client: Stadtwerke Augsburg und Stadt Augsburg

Photo: Bastian Lange

Global Review Report “Urban Manufacturing”

Is manufacturing returning to the city or is it being reinvented in our cities?

Multiplicities is facilitating the City of Birmingham (UK) in joint cooperation with the University of Birmingham on the application, the formulation and rolling out of “Urban Manufacturing".

Client: University of Birmingham (UK), INTERREG EUROPE

Photo: Sebastian Marggraf

Collaborative work as a driving force in Brandenburg

Multiplicities organises real labs of collaborative working methods.

Client: Ministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Frauen und Familie des Landes Brandenburg (Europäischer Sozialfond)

Photo: Sebastian Marggraf

New centres of growth in the environs of metropolitan areas

Multiplicities organises innovation workshops in Oranienburg. Multiplicities and Inpolis Urbanism GmbH use 'open' and 'cross-' innovation processes to generate new innovations.

Client: Ministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie des Landes Brandenburg, finanziert aus Mitteln des Landes Brandenburg

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