Multiplicities and Belius GmbH initiate a transformation of technology and business incubators in the counties of Rendsburg and Plön (region of Kiel). The aim is to activate rural areas in the Kiel region. The study presents recommendations for a future viability through knowledge transfer and business start-ups in the Kiel region. The report presents results and measures for the improvement of three technology and start-up centres (TGZ) in the county of Plön, as well as in the county of Rendsburg-Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein. On the basis of a user-centred analysis (interviews and workshops), prototypical ideas and measures were developed with tenants, operators and intermediaries from politics, planning, administration and sponsors. The objective of the commission was to examine to what extent co-working can be a component for the improvement of the TGZs and how this practice of collaboration in cooperation with users can be assessed for acceptance and 'regional embedding'. In a broader view, the report aims at allowing new forms of work, cooperation and networking between different actors from different sectors, regions of Schleswig-Holstein, including their fields of activity and areas of responsibility, to be linked to a reorientation of economic development.

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