Multiplicities presents an expertise on neighbourhood development in the Brunnenviertel district (Berlin), together with Belius GmbH. A mapping of development opportunities is introduced to Berlin’s Brunnenviertel in which creativity, in combination with new forms of use and new social forms, marks a potential source of inner-city development. The study not only contains a comprehensive analysis of the Brunnenviertel in Berlin's Wedding district, but also identifies potentials, obstacles and weaknesses and compiles recommendations for action. Complex dynamics of the creative economy and knowledge-intensive companies are summarised in an understandable form and their potential for successful location development is illustrated. A comprehensive mapping of the existing spatial resources, institutions, actors and clusters of creative and knowledge-intensive companies in the neighbourhood enabled the development of promising strategies for small-scale location development. Key findings of the study show how current urban utilisation practices such as urban gardening, the establishment of co-working spaces and cultural festivals are having a positive impact on the development of the neighbourhood. Such practices can be promoted through networking, providing space or increasing visibility and thus serve as an integral part of neighbourhood development in the long term. The report also serves as an inspiration for the implementation of concrete measures by spelling out the possibilities of various urban interventions, citizen participation and marketing strategies.

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